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MacWet Climatec Long Cuff Sports Gloves

MacWet Climatec Long Cuff Sports Gloves
MacWet Climatec Long Cuff Sports Gloves
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All Grip - No Slip!

Experience superior grip in any activity with MacWet Cimatec sports gloves! MacWets mission is simple: all grip, no slip. These gloves are a game-changer for golf, horse riding, watersports, shooting, fishing, cycling, paragliding, and more. No matter how wet it gets, MacWet gloves ensure 100% grip, so your performance remains unmatched.

Fastening is a breeze with the durable Velcro strap, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable feel. Elevate your grip game with MacWet cimatec long cuff sports gloves.

Crafted from synthetic fibers with natural wicking properties, these gloves efficiently transport water away, allowing for quick evaporation. Unlike leather gloves that induce perspiration, MacWet gloves let your hands breathe, ensuring a consistently comfortable grip. For an extra edge, add a touch of moisture by clasping a damp towel for maximum grip, regardless of your sport.

Finding your perfect fit is easy. Measure in centimeters across the fleshy part just under your four fingers. A size 7 (7cm) is ideal for medium women, while a size 8 (8cm) suits medium men. Maintain peak glove performance by washing them by hand or machine at 40 degrees.

No need to compromise on comfort or grip again—MacWet gloves have you covered for any sport or activity! 

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