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Hoof Care

Hoof care supplements, hoof picks and ointments to help with hoof medication and care.

Borstiq Barefoot Hoofpick And Hoof Brush
Brand: Borstiq Farm
A fantastic addition to any grooming kit.  Very good quality and well made hoof pick with the addition of being able to use the brush to ensure that everything is out of your horses feet.  Comes with a leather loop so it can be hung up for easy storage...
Ex VAT:£13.33
A unique, traditional formula used and trusted for generations. Massage into the coronet band to promote healthy hoof growth. Maintains optimum hoof condition and aids re-structuring & growth of the hoof. Application by hand or with a toothbrush stimulates keratin producing cells. Hoof Ointment ..
Ex VAT:£12.49
A traditional formulation combining pine tar oil with mineral oil to provide mild antibacterial properties, with a distinctive aroma. Great for giving a traditional shine while maintaining healthy hooves.Size - 500ml..
Ex VAT:£8.33
A versatile hoof care product that seals, waterproofs and protects damaged areas of the hoof. Natural, thick vegetable tar maintains a healthy frog, sole and wall of the hoof. Traditional application, contains the anti-bacterial action of pine turpenes.Size - 455ml..
Ex VAT:£11.66
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