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  • Foxhound - Border Fine Arts Contemporary Classics Collection

Magnificent chasing foxhound figurine finished in a contemporary glazed ceramic-look.

Makes an ideal gift for any animal lover.

Drawing on the most popular subjects of Border Fine Arts, the Contemporary Classics range offers a choice for changing times and tastes in the form of a contemporary glazed ceramic-look finish.

In these stunning figurines the emphasis is on movement over realism, on the character of the animal over its anatomical accuracy. Here, hair and feathers are hinted at by rough texture rather than infinite detail.

The colouration is subdued and impressionistic – designed to have tonal value rather than precise accuracy. All this, so as not to detract from the emotive feel of the motion of the subject.

Each study is made by hand in their Scottish Studios in Langholm and hand-painted by their highly skilled artists using a watercolour technique to ensure that each piece will have slight individual differences. 

This is a fresh look for the traditional brand and the treatment of the subject, being stripped back to the raw essence of each animal, along with the natural colour palette used, ensuring that this new collection will look good in all modern interiors.

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Foxhound - Border Fine Arts Contemporary Classics Collection

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  • £150.00

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